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Kvinna som luktar på blommorThere are many reasons to buy a house, live or be a tourist in Torsås. We have the beautiful and interesting coastal strip, picturesque fields meeting the horizon and majestic forests. And we are placed in the middle of an interesting triangel - Kalmar- Karlskrona and the Kingdom of Chrystal!

We have most of the amenities and services our inhabitants need or are used to. If you find anything missing you are likely to find it in the bigger cities nearby, Kalmar and Karlskrona. We are also close to the borders of many other countries. Our broadband network reaches all our inhabitants which makes it easy to attend either college or university locally. Furthermore there are plenty of inexpensive land to buy if you want to build a new house.

We have many associations, clubs and leisure activities and the municipality has a close relationship to local village interest groups. Our schools are among the best in the country and all our pre-schools have nice premises, large outdoor playgrounds and beautiful nature nearby.

Some people prefer Bergkvara or Djursvik where they live only minutes from the sea. Others find their paradise in Gullabo, Bidalite or Hästmahult - the inland area. There are plenty of charm in all the areas with many well preserved cultural traditions, idyllic landscapes and peaceful forests, no matter if you choose to live on a farm, in a cottage, in a manor house or in a newly built flat.

The Arrival’s Service Office “Inflyttarservice” would like to meet you and recommends you to give us a call before visiting, since we don't work fulltime with “Inflyttarservice”. 

Don’t hesitate! Contact Torsås New Arrival’s Service on e-mail above or telephone: +46 (0)486-331 20


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